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As Southern Wisconsin’s only free clinic for the uninsured, Our Lady of Hope Clinic relies on support from the community. If you are not in position to become a benefactor at the clinic, we invite you to support our mission to the uninsured with a tax-deductible donation.

If you would like to support Our Lady of Hope Clinic with a donation, please print and fill out a Donor Letter.

If you would like to sponsor an individual or family, please print and fill out a Donor Letter and a Letter of Interest.

If you would like to become a benefactor, please print and fill out a Letter of Interest.

Mail the required forms to

Our Lady of Hope Clinic
6425 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
  • To pay by check, enclose your payment with the required forms found above.
  • To pay by electronic fund transfer (EFT), print and fill out the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization found on page 2 of the Donor Letter and Letter of Interest.
  • To pay by credit card, please click the PayPal logo below. Monthly payments by credit card must be transacted monthly by the donor.
Catholic Doctors in Madison, Pro-Life Doctors in Madison

To learn more about Our Lady of Hope Clinic or to schedule a tour, call (608) 819-8544 or (608) 957-1137.

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