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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do labor and delivery?
How do you handle labs, x-rays, medications, or specialist referrals?
What happens if I am hospitalized?
Do I have to pay my the Benefactor Fee all at once or can I pay monthly?
Why were benefactor fees decided?
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Can I sponsor someone who is interested in receiving care at Our Lady of Hope Clinic?
How can I make a donation to Our Lady of Hope Clinic?

Will I have to keep my medical insurance?
I’m on Medicare (or Badgercare) can I become a benefactor?
How can I change my insurance to become a benefactor and still save money?

Can recipients schedule appointments?
What if recipients do not speak English?

Where is Our Lady of Hope Clinic located?
What are the hours of operation for Our Lady of Hope Clinic?

How do I get a message to my doctor?
How can I learn more?

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