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If you have a fever and/or new respiratory symptoms, please do not come to clinic but call us during office hours 608-819-8544. There is no specific treatment for Coronavirus, or most viral illnesses for that matter, and most people will recover fully on their own. Coming to clinic may only spread your illness to other people. Stay home until your symptoms have resolved. We ask that you call the clinic during office hours, and we can discuss symptom management and recommendations and decide if you need to be seen. Most people with respiratory symptoms do not need to be tested.

There is no treatment specific to Coronavirus and most people will have only mild symptoms.

** If you are having significant shortness of breath, chest pain, severe lethargy, or other serious symptoms, we recommend you go to the ER to be evaluated immediately. **

More information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from the CDC

Direct Primary Care in Madison

Member patients receive 24/7 access to their personal physician, with same-day or next day appointment scheduling privileges.

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Free Healthcare for the Uninsured

Uninsured recipient patients may be seen for FREE with walk-in appointments available Monday-Friday.

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Women's Health, NFP & OB

We get to the root of a multitude of women's health issues, including infertility, and treat the causes, not the symptoms.

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Still want to learn more about direct primary care or our practice? Reach out! We’re happy to chat and answer questions, at no obligation to you.

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Get in touch! We’re happy to chat and answer questions, at no obligation to you.

We have a new approach to family medicine in Madison.

The Madison clinic was established to address the issue of lack of primary medical care for the uninsured in our community, in addition to the lack of authentically-Catholic medical care. 

We are also a direct primary care clinic. Here's the gist: we don't accept any insurance, and as a result you save money. Become a member of our practice for a low monthly fee, and get unlimited office visits, wholesale prices on prescription medication, your doctor's cell phone number, and a whole lot more.

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Monday, Nov 2

Closed in the a.m., 1 PM - 4:30

Tuesday, Nov 3

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Wednesday, Nov 4

9 AM -Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Thursday, Nov 5 (COLUMBUS)

2 PM - 6 PM

Thursday, Nov 5 (MADISON)

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Friday, Nov 6

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Monday, Nov 9

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Tuesday, Nov 10

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Wed, Nov 11

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Thurs, Nov 12 (COLUMBUS)

2 PM to 6 PM

Thurs, Nov 12 (MADISON)

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

Fri, Nov 13

9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 4:30

1235 Park Ave, Columbus, WI on Thursdays from 2:00 - 6:00 pm. This location is open to member patients only.

We are still open in the midst of COVID-19.

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