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Free Healthcare for Uninsured

"My experience was and is really good. They discovered that l got Diabetes, something that the Dr. from the insurance did not tell me. I feel very grateful to God, that there are still Doctors with heart and not a wallet instead. They saved my health. They are good people, and love people."

Jenny D.

Thanks to our members and caring donors…

We offer free healthcare for people without insurance, who cannot afford our Personal Physician Plan. 

The Problem

each year about one in nine Wisconsinites goes without health insurance. Without access to basic health care, manageable conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol often go untreated until they turn into serious problems that result in preventable emergency room visits or hospitalizations. The support of our members and donors makes it possible for us to offer the majority of our medical visits at no cost to the uninsured.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic has donated thousands of free Clinic visits to provide care for the uninsured in our community who would not otherwise had access to a doctor. While Government programs like BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid provide care for the poorest, “working poor” families are often ineligible for medical assistance. Their jobs don’t provide health benefits and they can’t afford to purchase insurance on their own. The result is that many individuals and families today are still left without access to a physician.

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The Solution

Through the generosity of our members and donors, Our Lady of Hope Clinic is our area’s first free primary care clinic to help uninsured patients get healthy and stay healthy. At least 55% of our appointments serve uninsured patients and families. This innovative solution is driven by our mission to love God and love people by helping them get the healthcare they need.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic is honored to continue the longstanding Catholic healthcare tradition of providing corporal works of mercy to those in need.

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