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St. Catherine Ministry is blessed to partner with Our Lady of Hope Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, to accompany families through miscarriage.  It may be that you or a loved one have just received the sad news of a miscarriage. Or, the miscarriage is already underway. Perhaps, you want to know what is next after miscarrying. Our mission at St. Catherine Ministry is to accompany you. Whether it is providing miscarriage kits, referring for a burial site, or simply talking through the pain and crying with you, we want to help. We have been there, too.

How can St. Catherine Ministry help?

We can listen. The greatest comfort at a time like this is knowing you’re not alone.

We have been through miscarriage ourselves. Whether it’s answering questions, sharing our own experiences, or just crying with you, St. Catherine Ministry offers compassionate support for grieving families.

Do you need a miscarriage kit to help you know what to expect and to be able to recover your baby?

We can provide a free kit, which includes FAQs, through pick up at Our Lady of Hope Clinic or by coordinating directly with St. Catherine Ministry.

What about burying baby in a dignified place?

St. Catherine Ministry can coordinate with the Miracle of Life Rosary Garden (St. Mary – Pine Bluff) or a local diocesan cemetery for a burial space and provide a free burial vessel, especially if there isn’t cemetery space available at your church. We can also provide a list of other burial spaces and memorials near and far.

Laura Karlen

Laura lives in Madison, WI, with her husband, Steve, and their 5 living children. She lost babies to miscarriage in 2010 and 2011. Since then, she has offered support to friends and family members going through miscarriage. St. Catherine Ministry was created to spread the mission of accompanying families going through this type of loss.

Miscarriage FAQs

While we would like to connect with you directly to offer support, perhaps just having a little bit more information about miscarriage can help right now. Read on for our Miscarriage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

With miscarriage, there is a sudden shift from the joy of expecting a child to the sorrow of preparing for and recovering from miscarriage. Knowing about the miscarriage experience makes it less bewildering.

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