October 2017

It’s Respect Life month, so I started thinking about “Pro-life” healthcare. The term Pro-life has become so politicized that it evokes strong feelings from both sides of the issue. As our supporters know, Our Lady of Hope Clinic is proudly 100% Pro-life and provides healthcare that is consistent with the Catholic medical tradition; but, to my mind, ALL healthcare is Pro-life. Isn’t the point of good medicine to help you live a longer, better, healthier life? What’s more Pro-life than that?

Living in a widely secular world, I often encounter people who are confused by “Pro-life” healthcare, or even profess to be opposed to it—without any understanding of what it is. I respect the whole person, from conception to natural death, and do my best to ensure that my patients have the best quality of life possible. I also know, from my experience at working at traditional clinics, that there are many people out there without access to quality healthcare. As a Catholic physician, I believe that I have a duty to perform corporal works of mercy, and do so by treating those patients who don’t have health insurance free of charge.

I also run into women who proudly buy only organic food and milk for their families. They have never smoked, rarely drink alcohol, and hesitate at even taking over-the-counter medications. But many of those women think nothing of taking chemical-laden oral contraception as they view Natural Family Planning as their mother’s old-fashioned “rhythm method” of birth control. As I explain the extensive science behind NaPro Technology, and the advantages of learning about one’s body and a woman’s natural and unique cycle, as well as the very-real health related issues tied to the pill, I see the light-bulb go on as these women realize there is a better, more healthful, and yes, “Pro-life” alternative to birth control. (In addition to NFP being extremely effective in helping women struggling with infertility to start, or grow their families.)

Being a doctor at a Pro-life clinic is a wonderful blessing.

Dr. Mike

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